Understanding and defining legacy

I wonder how the definition of legacy varies person to person, family to family, country and culture and so on. This question leads me to think of my own capacity to create a legacy in my truest form and how that form is defined.

For me, a single man who developed an understanding of how I could contribute late in life, found himself in a position of limited wealth, no partner or child and a lot of student debt. Why should I care about my legacy? Do I believe I’ll find my future dream wife and have children to pass something along?

What will that “something” be? Will it be money? Will it be social status and external family relationships or “connections”? Will it be deeper and more meaningful (to me)? Will it be meaningful to them? Is “them” my dream family or something or someone else? Even if I figure out the what and the who – can it really be done?

As a product owner of an information system intended to preserve one’s legacy, I explored the questions above; however, I did not answer them. I’d like to spend time to think about this and come to some answer for myself and share these deeper meanings and truths with you here. I hope you will enjoy this upcoming series.